Free Premium Subscriptions for Codealike

It is my pleasure to introduce Codealike to you.

Codealike sponsoring our user group with free premium subscriptions.

In order to redeem it, follow the below three simple steps:
1) Create an account on
2) Sign in and go to
3) Enter the token “dotnetug” and that’s it.

Offer Valid till August 22nd.

Get a Discount Coupon from Tekpub

Tekpub offers 10% off on all non-subscription items.User Group Memebers can reach me for the coupon code.

Get a Discount Coupon from is offering $50 and $75 discount on the Annual and Annual Premium Subscriptions.
Please use UG10A for Annual Subscription and use UG10P for Annual Premium Subscriptions.

Get a free copy of ASP.NET MVC 4 Mobile App Development

Packt Publishing are offering free copies of ASP.NET MVC 4 Mobile App Development
in exchange for a review either on your blog or on the titles Amazon page.

Here are the brief details:

  • Understand the differences between developing traditional web apps and apps targeting the mobile web
  • Learn to use the conventions and configurations used by Entity Framework 5.0 to tailor our model to suit our requirements
  • Secure your apps and protect your users from Internet attacks like XSS and CSRF
  • Familiarize yourself with HTML 5 and CSS 3 to develop next-generation web apps
  • Socialize your app using SignalR and WebSockets to provide real-time features to your users
  • Create highly-optimized multi-threaded mobile apps using the new async and await keywords and content bundles

If you’re interested in creating next-generation application for smart phones, tablets, and mobile devices using ASP.NET MVC development framework, this is a good way to bag yourself a free tutorial (current retail price $40.49).

Free review copies are available until Sunday 18th August 2013

If you’re interested, email Harleen Kaur Bagga at: